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Veterinary Treatment of Llamas and Alpacas (English Edition) PDF Books

Veterinary Treatment of Llamas and Alpacas (English Edition)

Llamas and alpacas are a globally expanding area of interest in the farming world. Kept as pets, stud animals, livestock guardians, and farmed for fibre and meat, national herds continue to grow and are an increasingly frequent presentation for large animal vets. This book provides practical everyday veterinary advice on common conditions and surgical procedures. Basic husbandry, nutrition, examination, vaccines, analgesia, anaesthesia, dermatology and poisons are covered, together with medicine and surgery options arranged by body system. Zoonotic diseases are treated with particular interest as alpacas are a common petting farm animal. An important field guide for any veterinary practitioner, this book is also of interest to veterinary students and camelid breeders.

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Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity (English Edition) PDF Books

Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity (English Edition)

"A gripping guide to the modern taming of the infinite." —New York Times

Part history, part philosophy, part love letter to the study of mathematics, Everything and More is an illuminating tour of infinity. With his infectious curiosity and trademark verbal pyrotechnics, David Foster Wallace takes us from Aristotle to Newton, Leibniz, Karl Weierstrass, and finally Georg Cantor and his set theory. Through it all, Wallace proves to be an ideal guide—funny, wry, and unfailingly enthusiastic. Featuring an introduction by Neal Stephenson, this edition is a perfect introduction to the beauty of mathematics and the undeniable strangeness of the infinite.

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Créer des magazines et des livres numériques avec InDesign: DPS et ePub PDF Books

Créer des magazines et des livres numériques avec InDesign: DPS et ePub

In Design, la meilleure solution pour créer e-books et magazines numériques

Avec l'évolution des équipements informatiques (tablettes, liseuses, smartphones...), le marché de la lecture numérique connaît actuellement une formidable expansion. Dans ce contexte, nombreux sont les éditeurs, agences et diffuseurs qui recherchent des outils pour créer, mettre en forme et distribuer de tels contenus. Cet ouvrage fournit les clés d'une publication numérique réussie avec InDesign, la solution souple, complète et performante d'Adobe.

Écrit par l'un des plus grands experts français de ce logiciel, il explique comment exploiter au mieux les outils dédiés d'InDesign, en présentant la publication digitale de type ePub, plus adaptée aux livres, et celle de type folio avec la Digital Publishing Suite, plus orientée magazines.

À qui s'adresse ce livre ?

  • À tous les maquettistes web, webdesigners et graphistes souhaitant mettre en page un e-book ou un magazine numérique
  • À tous les utilisateurs d'InDesign (versions CC et antérieures) désireux de connaître les outils dédiés de publication digitale

Sur le site

  • Retrouvez les ressources du livre
  • Dialoguez avec l'auteur

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Callout: Responding to Haiti's Earthquake (English Edition) PDF Books

Callout: Responding to Haiti's Earthquake (English Edition)

Callout is the story of one individual's actions in response to the earthquake of 12 January 2010 outside of Port-au-Prince Haiti. Combining real-time blog entries of the time, photographs and commentary Callout seeks to explain many of the realities of responding to disasters near and far in the twenty first century. This insider's view of the disaster response community provides an unusual perspective on an issue that affects many people and many places. This first person report is honest, raw, real and provocative and is must-read for anyone interested in Haiti or in the reality of disaster response.

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The McKinnon Legends (Book 5 - Part 1 and 2): The Missing One (English Edition) PDF Books

The McKinnon Legends (Book 5 - Part 1 and 2): The Missing One (English Edition)

Reading Order For The Ranay James series:
The McKinnon Legends-A Time Travel Series
The McKinnon The Beginning Book 1 Part 1 and Part 2
Unfinished Business Book 2 Part 1 and Part 2 
Shades Of Grace Book 3 Part 1 and Part 2 
Of Purest Blood Book 4 Part 1 and Part 2 
The Missing One Book 5 Part 1 and Part 2

The McKinnon American Men (A Modern Day Romantic Suspense Series)
Whisper In The Dark Book 1
Armed and Dangerous Book 2
Bones of Contention Book 3

Vampires Of Nirvana (A Vampire Romance Series)
Never Kiss Me Goodbye
Point of No Return

Decklyn McKinnon, intergalactic cop and strong-arm of the Interstellar Alliance, has been missing from the McKinnon family records since his untimely disappearance in 1523. No one has a clue what could have happened to him leaving the family record silent. Chasing after a serial killer through time and space, Decklyn takes on the biggest gamble of life. Unsure of his time traveling abilities, he doubts that he can save all of the victims, but it's possible he can save victim number six. Risking it all to save the life of just one woman, he journeys back to Earth 2005.

Sliding off the conference table, Special Agent A'leeza Vargas moves closer to look at the board covered with five separate crime scene photos. There has to be something she was missing. She could just feel it. It hung just out of reach. "Come on, come on, talk to me. Tell me your secrets. Help me avenge your deaths," she begs the photos under her breath. Crossing her arms over her chest, Alee turns to her partner, Carl Rogers, "They say dead men don't tell tales. They do, you know. You just have to know how to listen."
Will history repeat itself? Find out in the fifth installment of The McKinnon Legends.

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"Islam" Means Peace: Understanding the Muslim Principle of Nonviolence Today (English Edition)

This decisive account of the role of nonviolence in Islam and Muslim societies, both historically and in current times, chronicles an often-obscured but longstanding pacifist tradition.

• Voices of leading nonviolence activists, such as Nobel Peace Prize-winner Shirin Ebadi, Mubarak Awad, Gene Sharp, and rock star Salman Ahmad, that make the history of nonviolent activism immediate and up to date

• A bibliography listing a wide array of source materials

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